Company Quality Policy

CD Pharma Group srl offers support to the various stakeholders involved in patient care, whether they be pharmaceutical or medical devices companies, trade associations or healthcare companies, through the development and management of clinical studies (CRO) or through specific projects whose aim is to produce expert papers, consent documents, diagnosis, treatment and assistance plans, guidelines and HTA reports.

We have implemented an organisational system based on the international ISO 9001:2015 model.

using the analysis of the company setting and the analysis of risks and opportunities as primary tools to achieve the sustainable development of the Company in the interest of the expectations of customers and all stakeholders.

The Company measures its processes and results through process indicators that make it possible to define improvement objectives on a periodic basis.

At CD Pharma, we live according to a set of shared values, contained in our Code of Ethics, which guide the conduct of company processes and activities as well as the Company’s relations with personnel and third parties:

Customer-centric approach: maximum customer satisfaction is our main goal. Everything we do is aimed at responding to the needs of our customers. We want to be the partner they can’t do without. We promote direct communication to get a better understanding of their needs and requirements. We are committed to providing products and services built around the specific needs of our customers, guaranteeing quality and excellence. The aim is to win and maintain the esteem and respect of our customers, also when it comes to the professionalism we offer in relationships.
Innovation and creativity: We are always attentive to developments in the sector in which we operate to offer cutting-edge services. We accept and encourage change, challenging the status quo. We encourage people to be resourceful, take risks and learn from their mistakes. We are always on the lookout for new ideas. Building on our consolidated experience, a continuous study on new technologies and a creative component, we support our customers in implementing successful, innovative projects through partnerships with qualified suppliers.
Efficiency: we offer an integrated service with the use of internet technologies to develop our customers’ business. We set ourselves ambitious goals and aim to exceed them, considering ourselves mutually responsible for the results.
Human Resources: We ensure the growth and professional development of talented people as a priority. We recognise and reward results. We give autonomy to our staff so that they can contribute by expressing their potential to the full. We respect our staff and believe in open, honest communication. Our values influence the way we work and interact with our colleagues, as well as the way we take care of our customers and engage with all our partners.